SF Fashion Week 2017

Hi everyone! Today is the last day of San Francisco Fashion Week (SFFW), and I couldn’t be more excited to share my experience interacting with some of the Bay Area’s under-recognized fashion community. Seriously, I’m sitting in my Mission apartment drinking coffee and smiling while writing this – so here it goes.


SFFW is put on by a networking group called SFFAMA (San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance). To be completely transparent with you all, I did not know there was a fashion scene in San Francisco – nonetheless a fashion week! In my mind, New York, London, Paris and Milan create the holy grail of influential fashion weeks. Top designers release their newest collections that set the tone for the upcoming season’s style trends. SFFW is very different than what I suppose “official” fashion week is like, but it is definitely worth checking out because of the unique spin this city takes on fashion.


SFFW truly takes advantage of Silicon Valley’s tech talent and start-up culture by hosting interesting forums and workshops on the future of fashion in tech. With brands like LeTote and StitchFix leading the way, consumers can now be styled by an algorithm using predictive analytics and machine learning. Understanding these preferences and advancements is crucial to the future of fashion, and I appreciate that the community embraces these innovations. The intersection of fashion and tech is exciting, and I believe it will become just another medium for fashion designers and business owners to leverage in the future.


The event that I participated in this week was for a collaboration between Ruti and SF Fashion Bloggers. If you have not heard of the amazing Israeli American fashion designer Ruti yet, go visit her site right now and see what I’m drooling over. Her collection is the perfect blend of modern, sleek and chic to get me reaching for my debit card.


I was fortunate enough to meet the delightful Ruti in her boutique on Fillmore, where she fitted me for the runway. I also browsed around the store, of course, and added a few things to my wishlist that you should check out now. My top picks are these braided jacquard pants, ankle booties, and cape (comes in black and white)!


On Wednesday, I met the rest of the bloggers I would be walking with that evening. My favorite thing about SFFW is how friendly and helpful everyone is. It truly is an amazing networking event for anyone interested in fashion. All of us bloggers quickly pulled out our phones and exchanged IG handles. It was so empowering to be surrounded by such driven, badass women. I definitely want to give a shoutout to SFFAMA for bringing all of us together and putting on such a fantastic event.


Before I knew it, everyone had their hair and makeup done and it was time to slip into our first outfits. I soon realized that Ruti and her team coordinated our looks to create a truly cohesive collection that was perfect for Fall. I got to wear a stunning set from Ruti’s Ready-to-Wear Slate Blue Collection and was twinning to the max with the incredible @queenrevelyn. 


I luckily did not fall as I walked down the runway. It was a fun experience, and I’m so grateful I got to do it with like-minded women by my side. Can’t wait for next year!






All pictures taken by @DawnElizabethPhoto