Sustainable Earrings from Anna Monet

I recently had the opportunity to meet the talented Anna Monet, San Francisco-based Jewelry Designer, at an event put together by my friend Julia O Test. Anna brought a sampling of her unique earrings and necklaces to show. I was instantly drawn to her collection because of the bold use of color, which I soon found out was sustainably produced using natural, plant-based dyes like Turmeric and Indigo. 

However, this wasn’t the only unique aspect of her collection. Anna explained to me that she buys wild horse hair collected by the Caddo tribe of the Southeastern United States. She then dyes the hair naturally to create truly artistic jewelry. 

It’s not often that I meet local designers that live in San Francisco, and Anna’s work is not only beautiful but she is giving back while doing what she loves. Her mission is for her jewelry to “spark conversations about sustainability and great design as inseparable standards.”

I’m wearing the Solar Eclipse style below. Check out Anna Monet’s website to shop!