5 Best Blue Light Glasses

Because I’ve been spending much more time at home and online, I decided to finally try out the blue light glasses trend. I noticed that social distancing had caused me to spend more time staring at my screen than usual, and my usual headaches were starting much earlier in the day. Not ideal.

I decided to start a search last week for the PERFECT BLUE LIGHT GLASSES for my face shape. After seeing Danielle Bernstein sport a $20 pair from Amazon brand Sojos for the last few months, I decided it was time I do some research myself. Were these glasses she wore actually cute, high-quality and functional? I’m spilling the tea below.

I started by buying the SOJOS Cat Eye Blue Light Glasses recommended by Danielle Bernstein, and then found 5 other pairs from different brands at my front doorstep… woops! Well, hopefully it helps you narrow down your search so you don’t buy five pairs like I did. I’ve got to say, I loved all of these for different reasons but the pair by ANRRI provided the best overall style and decreased my headaches! I’d call that a win-win.

Let me know if you try any of these styles!




1. WINNER: ANRRI Blue Light Glasses

2. Livho Blue Light Glasses

3. Sojos Cat Eye Blue Light Glasses

4. THE BOOK CLUB Blue Light Glasses

5. TIJN Blue Light Glasses


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