Heike’s refreshing take on the fashion industry

I had the pleasure of meeting Heike Jarick during a New York Fashion Week party this past fall. She was set-up in a corner with several pieces from her collection, and people were crawling over each other to more closely examine her incredible work. Once I had a line of sight into what she was showcasing, I understood the commotion.

Heike humbly shared that she uses only Japanese and Italian fabrics as people were thumbing through the racks, and I was even more intrigued. I could tell this woman had a story, and I needed to hear it. However, I knew that this crowded setting was not the place and saved my questions for a later date. It was not until I followed up with Heike a month later that we discussed her impressive background, how retail is changing, and the role each and every one of us play in the sustainability of fashion. She showed me fabrics and scraps from several years ago she held onto so nothing was wasted.

The impact of fast fashion on the retail industry and the dot-com era on traditional brick and mortar stores has, in no doubt, caused Heike to re-evaluate how she presents her contemporary line. This is evident in the values-driven branding on her website. Heike’s passion and expertise in the fashion industry was thought-provoking and not a conversation I will soon forget.

After our chat, Heike was gracious enough to let me shoot two looks from her fall line. These pieces have unfortunately sold out but you can shop more of her incredible collection here!




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