Verishop has perfected online shopping

With Verishop’s free one-day shipping, you’ll wonder why you ever shopped elsewhere.

Verishop is a luxury online retailer that provides free one day shipping (without a membership!). This is like Amazon Prime but BETTER because the assortment is unreal and no commitment is necessary.

I recently discovered Verishop through their ads on the subway in New York during my commute to and from work every day. When the team at Verishop reached out, I was beyond excited to try out the service. I picked out a pair of Boyish jeans, C/MEO Collective blazer and Polaroid camera (from their impressive home collection). As soon as I placed the order, I received a notification that it would be delivered the NEXT DAY! I was thrilled to say the least.

The following evening, a beautiful box showed up on my doorstep, as promised, and I excitedly unpacked the goodies inside. The jeans and camera were exactly what I wanted. However, I realized the blazer did not suit me once I took a closer look in person. I’m sure many of you can relate to something arriving in the mail different than your expectations. Most of the times, I have to schedule time to print and buy a return label then wait even longer to get an item I wanted. With Verishop, I was able to quickly return the box the same day and receive a new item the next day (at no extra cost)!!

This time around, I chose a Billie the Label black blazer dress. I’ve been dying to try this new, trendy designer and LOVED that Verishop offered many styles from their line. The blazer arrived and was absolutely perfect (pictured above).

Can’t wait to continue using Verishop to shop top brands online with quick delivery in 2020!



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