Easing into the Biker Shorts Trend

























Looks like the biker shorts trend is here to stay. I finally decided to give the biker short trend a spin. You might be thinking “Isn’t she a little late on that trend?” Given this trend took off last summer, I admit that I was slow to jump on board. I try to be daring in what I wear but for some reason I couldn’t get behind this trend for the longest time. Maybe it’s my distaste of anything that shows of my bare legs (yes, working on it), but HERE.I.AM. ready to shine one year later.

I’ve got to say, I feel kind of like a total boss combining the casual biker shorts with a tailored blazer. It was not until I walked into Trader Joe’s after this mini-shoot that I realized this outfit is quite outlandish for the sweatshirt sea that is San Francisco.  Whatever the case,  I held my head high and decided to rock this (albeit over-the-top) biker short and blazer look. I paired the blazer with my new convertible bralette from True & Co. I recently was sent this Everyday Seamless Convertible Bra by the female-owned and SF based, True & Co., which created the first ever online fit quiz to address the problem that a lot more should go into a bra than cup and band size. I ADORE this company and their mission.

I can definitely see myself wearing the biker shorts and True & Co. look during the summer with a light jacket or button down shirt tied around my wait to make it more casual. Now that I’ve taken these biker shorts out for a spin, I definitely understand what all the hype is about. I felt incredibly comfortable and free because this pair from Pretty Little Thing appears tight but is actually a “slinky” material, or mix of polyester and elastane for you fabric gurus out there. This material has all the perks of being form fitting with none of the discomfort. Highly recommend easing in to the biker short trend with this pair of biker shorts from PLT if you’ve been curious. If daytime wear is not for you, they also make incredible pajama shorts (coming from someone that wears loose-fitting clothes to sleep!).





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