Lucky Brand x International Women’s Day

I am extremely honored to partner with Lucky Brand this year for their International Women’s Day campaign. For me, this day carries a ton of weight because I was raised by a female entrepreneur and this entire platform here was created to inspire all women.

When I entered the workforce after college, I felt so much pressure to look a certain way in order to be respected. I quickly realized that the clothes I was wearing to my corporate job were not allowing me to express myself. It was extremely important to me that people of all ages and genders see me as mature, professional, and smart. However, my confidence immediately suffered because I tried to become someone else. It still is important to me that I am respected, but I’ve learned how to leverage my bold and eccentric style as a strength instead of a weakness.

My hope is that more and more women choose to dress for themselves instead of others. I love Lucky Brand because quality and comfort is always at the center of what they design, and they take such a consultative approach to helping you find that right fit of jeans.

I’m wearing the Authentic tee and Carpenter Cargo pants. #LuckyWomenUnite #sponsored

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