3 NYFW Trends You Need to Know

Fall is upon us y’all! I am starting to feel somewhat of a breeze roll through the city streets here in New York, and I don’t remember ever being so excited for fall.

This fall, there are so many trends I’m excited to explore and share. From my first NYFW, I saw a couple themes that I want to kick-off this post discussing: exaggerate sizes, hair accessories, and hint of western style. I’ve put together a shop-able gallery of all the styles mentioned below for inspiration.

  1. Exaggerated sizes – My biggest takeaway from this season is to play with sizes. From the tiny bag trend to oversized jeans, I think it is safe to say that wearing exaggerated sizes is the new norm. I look forward to taking advantage of this trend with poofy organza tops, puffy sleeves and baby doll dresses.
  2. Return of youthful hair accessories – Any of the hair accessories you wore as a kid are probably back in style. I saw a ton of padded headbands and large, colorful clips.
  3. Wild, Wild West – Nothing too new here. Western style emerged last fall too, however this year I’m seeing a lot more leather and cow print.


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