Try the Basket Bag Trend Directly from Bali

It looks like the basket bag trend is back for Spring/Summer 2019. The straw and wooden basket bags that flooded your Instagram feeds and storefronts are being reimagined in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. I was a big fan of all the straw and wooden basket bags last year, and I am extremely supportive of them making a comeback. This year, I’m eager to see all the new designs and colors available.

I recently discovered an up-and-coming handbag company from Bali called Amerii that offers an exceptional selection of basket bags. The brand is exclusively sold online and supports local Indonesian artisans by purchasing directly from the weavers. This promotes fair trade and ensures the weavers are compensated appropriately! Local Indonesian women make each bag individually (by hand) and include unique fabric on the inside so no bag is the same.

I am ALL about supporting smaller businesses like Amerii that care for its employees (my parents own a small business too!), and I was eager to order one of their classic rattan bags. Because I love to make a statement, I went for the bright, white rattan bag. You can shop it here.


I did not expect the Rattan Basket Bag to hold so many items. My last basket bag only had enough room for my phone! I intended to use this bag only for the beach, but I actually have found it extremely functional here in the city too. I am extremely excited that this bag is practical and chic. Whether you are looking for a small clutch-like bag, or a cross-body bag, the Rattan Basket Bag is a perfect option to complete your outfit in warm weather.




Bag gifted from Amerii. All opinions my own.

Photos shot by Anna-Alexia Basile


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