DIY Unicorn Halloween Costume

To be honest, Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s been this way for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I would spend months planning my costume in advance so that I could impress my friends. I always wanted to be something different but recognizable. Over time, I realized I didn’t just love Halloween. I loved anything that required a theme and a costume. No wonder I was obsessed with theater in high school. As a fashion blogger, Halloween has gotten even more fun (definitely more stressful) because I want to out-do myself each year.

This Halloween, I had about three different ideas I was entertaining, but I decided to go with a unicorn! This was mostly swayed by my love of wigs and the fact that I had this white one I’ve been dying to wear! I also wanted to an outfit that I could wear again. This Urban Outfitters velvet crush set is BEYOND comfortable and great for all seasons. I don’t wear pink often, but I love this bubblegum color and the crushed velvet fabric! Do you prefer to buy a packaged costume or mix-and-match what’s already in your closet? You can shop my unicorn look below!

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