White Boots for Every Budget

I am really LOVING white boots for fall. Let me first acknowledge that I know this is probably not ground breaking news to any of you. However, I’m so hyped about this trend and needed to let you all know just where to find a pair for any budget.

You might remember that I made a post right after Labor Day about my view on white pants after LDW. However, I have mad love for white shoes during Fall/Winter. There is something rebellious about wearing white shoes in my opinion. My mother warned me growing up to never pick the glowing, white tennis shoes because I would get them dirty quickly. Over time, I truly internalized this and felt like white shoes were a bad investment of my money. However, I think that if the shoes are comfortable and help you express yourself then GO FOR IT. Everything eventually wears down and you just have to be more careful with some shoes. I honestly think this is what makes white boots/booties/flats/slides/etc. so special. You don’t want to wear them all the time because you want to preserve all their glory.

To help you all find an affordable white bootie for fall to transform your wardrobe, I’ve found white booties for every budget. All shoes linked below! Hope you find a pair you love as much as I love my Steve Madden’s that I’m wearing above.

Shop White Boots for Every Budget