Why I Moved to NYC

Top and bag from Ruti (Check out their new location in Soho!)

Goodbye San Francisco

In the last week, I packed up all my belongings and took a one-way flight to New York City. Although this move has been premeditated since I was about 11 years old, the sting of leaving a city I called home for 3 years was unbelievably hard. San Francisco, you will always have a piece of my heart. I learned how to stand up on my own in SF. I met wonderful friends, started this blog, formed the best girl gang and worked at 2 incredible companies.

With all of that being said, New York City has been calling my name for as long as I can remember. Everywhere I have lived (Chicago and San Francisco) was just a pitstop on my way here. Below, I’ve listed out the top 5 reasons I’ve moved to New York!!!

I am extremely excited for this new chapter to begin, but I want to be completely transparent that change is NOT easy. Rebuilding your life is no easy task as you get older, but I am so excited to plant my roots. I’d love to hear if any of you are going through a similar move/life transition and if there is anything you would like to hear from me about my experience!


  1. FASHION CAPITAL OF THE WORLD – I had to list this one first because you all know I am obsessed with the fashion industry and need to be closest to the source. Almost every brand I love has a presence in New York (including my favorite San Francisco based designer, Ruti, who just opened her second NYC store in Soho!). I’ve written before about meeting Ruti and her team, why her store is in my top places to shop in San Francisco, and her unique vision for fashion. It’s incredible to see her growing her east coast presence! The outfit I’m wearing in this shoot is from Ruti‘s new fall collection. I’m in love with this Animal Silk Chiffon Lin Tunic because it can be worn year around and the quality is simply outstanding.
  2. Closer to my family – Since I’m from Nashville, Tennessee, it makes sense for me to be back on the East Coast. My brother is also getting married this fall, and I want to play more of an active role in his new family!
  3. Diversity – People have always referred to NYC as a melting pot, and it’s so refreshing after living in San Francisco for 3 years. I hear so many languages and see people from all over the world chasing after their dreams daily.
  4. Wider range of industries – One of my biggest issues with San Francisco was that tech ruled the city. It was extremely difficult to meet anyone that didn’t work in the tech industry, and I felt like I was living in a bubble.
  5. Arts and theater scene – I adore attending plays and art shows (almost majored in Art History!) so NYC has a ton to offer on this front. In fact, one of my closest friends in SF gifted me a MOMA membership which I plan on using a ton this year!
  6. Career growth – New Yorkers are smart and they GRIND. There is so much opportunity to grow professionally here. I knew I wanted to be surrounded by this energy as I reach the second half of my twenties.

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