Coachella 2018 or “No-Chella”

Back from the desert and want to do a quick recap of my weekend at Coachella. However, I feel like I should come clean. I didn’t even make it to the festival. I participated in the activities going on during the weekend of the festival, technically called “Nochella.” Coachella is a city in California, not just a name of the music festival so I wasn’t lying to you guys. After all, that wouldn’t be so authentic of me.


I would actually highly recommend going down for “Nochella” if you are looking to have fun but save a whole lot of money. The music festival has grown so much over the past 19 years that there are endless activities available to keep you from having too much fomo. Many brands host pool parties at the hotels and resorts in the area, and I was extremely grateful to be able to cool myself off after being under those hot desert rays all day.

I’ve posted photos from my weekend trip below. i saw so many incredible outfits at the events I went to. Let me know what you think of my Coachella-inspired looks!