Pitstop at the Padre Hotel: Death Valley Roadtrip


Driving from San Francisco to Death Valley?


Then this post is for you! Before starting my new job, I decided to go on a week long roadtrip to explore southern California. I had never driven up and down the coast, and I felt like there was so much still on my California bucket list. Specifically, my roommate and I were “dying” to visit Death Valley.

While planning the trip, we discovered little to no resources for tips on how to plan a trip from San Francisco to Death Valley. Since Death Valley is only a few hours from Las Vegas, the majority of visitors to the national park are coming from the south. However, Death Valley is also an incredible site to visit from San Francisco.

Our preliminary research revealed the trip down to Death Valley would take us 8 hours without traffic. Because this could mean 10-15 hours with typical California traffic factored in, we decided our roadtrip to Death Valley would be broken into two days so we could both work half days on Friday.

While looking for a halfway point along our route to Death Valley, Bakersfield stood out on the map as the perfect resting point because of its proximity to the highway. After looking at a few hotels in the area, the Padre Hotel quickly stood out against the pack because of it’s beautiful exterior and interior. The Padre Hotel is a boutique hotel in the heart of Bakersfield with an elevated cowboy theme. From the incredible mural (pictured below) that greets you upon entry to the luxury suites, I was in heaven from the moment I walked through the door. After being on the road all day, I desperately needed a hot shower and comfortable bed asap. The check-in process was a breeze and I was tucked into the Padre Hotel‘s incredibly soft bed in no time.

The next morning, we had to check-out at 6am so we could arrive at Death Valley before it got too hot. I wish we would have had more time to enjoy this incredible hotel and town. Thanks to the Padre Hotel team for an unforgettable stay!
















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