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The perfect earrings, necklace or sunglasses can elevate an average outfit to the next level and there are plenty of chic options out there that can help diversify your wardrobe. 


In today’s post, I’m sharing where I find cute accessories that won’t break the bank. I’m all about investing in high quality products, but I personally lose accessories like nobody’s business. Because of this, my thrifty-self tends to buy less expensive jewelry. Also, I live in the most expensive city in the US so I can’t be investing $100 in a necklace/earrings that will *probably* fall off on my way to work/out on the weekends.


So here you are – my hack for buying Cheap/Chic Accessories:


#1 Get Inspo from BaubleBar


Jewelry brands like BaubleBar tend to stay up-to-date on the latest jewelry fads. Although they offer some great deals on jewelry, you can find very similar styles at other retailers for a fraction of the cost. I recommend starting at BaubleBar to figure out what you are looking for – this preliminary research can help you quickly navigate brand’s websites with keywords in mind. 


#2 Start your search with Amazon Fashion


It’s no secret that I have an obsession with Amazon. I buy almost all of my household items on Prime and recently Amazon has upped their fashion game. I scored these cute cat eye glasses for less than $15. Check out the Amazon Fashion landing page to see more amazing deals like this!


#2 Don’t Overlook Forever21 


I have a confession to make – Forever21 is my guilty pleasure. I try to stay away from fast-fashion retailers, but they have deals that I simply cannot resist  (more to come on that later). I feel like I’ve figured out how to find some gems from their massive warehouse stores, but it definitely can be a time commitment. I owe this hack to one of my best friend’s from college that had an incredible gift of pairing Forever21 blazers/accessories with luxury brands in an unassuming way. I was always shocked when she told me part of her outfit was from Forever21.

Fringe Duster Earrings – $5.90 at Forever21


#3 Asos is My Secret Weapon

I visit Asos.com on a regular basis. My love affair with Asos began in college because they offered an incredible student discount. Nowadays, I frequent their workwear section to check out the newest styles in corporate fashion.

ASOS Interlinking Hoop Bar Earrings – $13 at Asos

(Currently out of stock but they have a ton of other cute styles to check out!)


#4 Check Out Local Boutiques for Sunglasses

I recently bought the most unique sunnies from a boutique down the street from my house, at Therapy in the Mission District. I have never received so many complements on a pair of cheap sunglasses (only $14). I encourage you to get out in your neighborhood and check out local, independent stores to find unique pieces that you cannot find easily online.



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