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June 2, 2017



Hey everyone – I am typically the BIGGEST skeptic of cheaper clothing companies that don’t have a physical store. I’m the type of shopper that is all about the experience. I like to go into a store and touch the fabric, see the environment and know what I’m getting myself into. It’s all part of how I build trust in a brand and understand what it might mean for me to wear their clothes.


Recently,  cheaper clothing companies have been sprinkling ads all over Facebook and Instagram so I finally caved. So here is my quick review of everything you should know before you reach for your wallet. 


Today, I will be reviewing specifically. A couple of days ago, I received two different shipments of my three items from (one jacket was on back-order and arrived 2 days later). Overall, I can *authentically* report I adore everything I ordered this time from SheIn.


So here are a few quick tips to help you find similar success:


  1. Check the size dimensions  before opting in for your typical Small, Medium or Large size – there sizes are not consistent so make sure to take notice of this before you add something to your cart

  2. Start with items that have customer reviews or pictures uploaded from real people. Two of the items I ordered were SheIn customer favorites, and they definitely stand out to me as the better quality

  3.  Expect Forever21/H&M Quality – my blouse came in the mail a little wrinkled but looked absolutely flawless after a quick steam. The material is pretty sturdy and what I expected for the priced I paid. 

  4. Check out their Instagram to find the most popular items they are featuring – I ordered a blue jean jacket that was a fan favorite and it came to my door looking just like the pictures.


All in all – I will definitely be shopping at again! 


Comment below if you have any questions <3



Fold Split Shoulder Double Breasted Blazer – $32 – Link: