When in Doubt, Wear Red


If you haven’t noticed already, red has made a major comeback this year. The bold hue has been dominating runways everywhere (see Vogue’s “The color red is a hot trend at the Fall Winter 2017-18 shows“) and I could not be more excited about this trend. Perfect timing too with 4th of July coming up next week!


Although you can usually find me wearing black, I have a few red pieces in my wardrobe I try to incorporate into every day. What excites me about red is how much it empowers women to be bold. Traditionally, this shade is known to draw attention and symbolize power. Designers like Valentino and Christian Louboutin have used the color to establish exclusivity and form brand identity.


Because of this, red can feel aggressive or sometimes overpowering in some situations. Recently, I’ve been incorporating the color into more casual settings and wanted to share with you all how to make this strong hue a bit more laid-back. I recommend grabbing a red blouse and pairing it with a black blazer for work during the work week. I also have been wearing this lacy red blouse from Sandro out during the weekends or to grab brunch with my girlfriends. Find a few more of my favorite red blouses of the season below.


Happy Styling