Fashion has No Boundaries: Bridging the Gap with Plumage59

I’m excited to finally reveal a project I’ve been working on, alongside many other talented bloggers. A few months ago, I learned about the Fierce 50 Revolution. After doing some research, I learned about an incredible community of Boomer bloggers that were coming together to inspire and empower one another. This community of women, or the Fierce 50, has received notable attention from the media and experiencing rapid growth. For the Fierce 50’s newest campaign, they wanted to connect with Millennial bloggers to “Bridge the Gap” between generations. 


Today marks the launch of this campaign (see all participants here), and I am thrilled to share what I gained from this invaluable experience. Several months ago, 100 Millennial and 100 Boomer bloggers paired off to share viewpoints, knowledge, and create relationships. I was fortunate enough to be paired with the inspiring, intelligent, and insightful blogger, Dawn Solich. Dawn, a part-time New Yorker, is the Editor of Plumage59 a “smart, chic and fun place where women of a plum age can love fashion together”. Fashion has no boundaries, and I believe it is up to every generation to challenge the status quo.



I had the pleasure of chatting with Dawn virtually since we are on opposite coasts. Within the first few minutes of meeting her, I  already felt like I was talking to an old friend.  As Dawn told me about her life in New York and how she was breaking into the fashion scene, I could not help but wonder where this woman has been hiding my whole life! Dawn, like myself, is interested in edgy and unique trends that push boundaries. She embraces new trends and encourages women of all ages to participate in these styles. Dawn is a true gem in the fashion world. Dawn looks at the styles of today and finds the version that complements her silhouette, style, and taste. She is true to herself and challenges these boundaries.


What impressed me the most about Dawn (and believe me this was hard to pinpoint) was the way she spoke about fashion in such an eloquent and artistic manner. It was truly refreshing. I learned that she is primarily focused on the writing for Plumage59. Dawn is an incredibly talented writer that posts engaging and relevant blog posts, unlike anything I’ve seen to date.  She shared with me that she’s really focused on the writing aspect of her blog and that’s her key differentiator.

The timing of the Bridging the Gap campaign could not have been more ideal. Her strengths were the weaknesses I had recently identified in my own blog. I was excited that she was able to provide me with actionable feedback. The planning and strategic thinking Dawn puts into her blog has motivated me to grow as a blogger, to say the least. During our two conversations, Dawn and I covered some serious ground ranging from topics such as family, personal development, and style inspiration. See below for the interview and pictures of Dawn’s style.


How would you describe your own personal style?

I cringe at head to toe look that looks themey. I like to mix classic pieces with something more modern. I really try to push myself to dress more edgy and youthful in an “age-appropriate” manner so that it isn’t cringe worthy.

What inspired you to start your blog, Plumage59?

My twin sons are in college now, and this transition really is such a strange, fast shift that’s forced on us. We’re challenged to move forward with this loss in our world, and create a new place for ourselves. It’s hard. It’s thrilling. In anticipation of this new desolate landscape, I gave a lot of thought to fulfilling my life on my own and living what I’m meant to do. I was traveling to New York more frequently and it felt magical – the energy, the neighborhoods, the people, the beauty.  So I decided to jump and live in both New York City and in Denver–where I’ve lived for the past 30 years. This fantasy of combining fashion, Manhattan, and a new life is an amazing junket.

What are some of your favorite designers/stores and why do you like shopping there?

I like Rachel Comey’s boutique because she has fairly minimal clothing but the details make it a little wonky and off – which I like. She caters to the “plum age” woman and recently used her employees in her lookbook. I love supporting her because she supports us. Her style is for the everyday woman with flair and kind of a higher-end style. She has a pretty eclectic spread.

There’s also the Swedish brand, Cos, that I discovered on a recent trip to Europe. Topshop and Zara have some great pieces and you have to buy the right stuff. Living in New York, there’s always a sample sale popping up.

For instance, I found a cool pair of shoulder dusting earrings from a Paula Mendoza event. For online shopping, I like because they have great deals on designer clothing. I find more so than any other designer site.

What do you splurge on?
I would have to say shoes, timeless pieces, a good skirt (a-line, midi length), blazers, jewelry (unusual looking pieces and stones).

Where do you find the inspiration for your blog posts?

Everywhere. Just walking around New York, window shopping, magazines, other blogs inspires my posts. I work off an editorial calendar and like to do research on the subject I’m writing about. I like to know what the trends are and what’s coming in. For instance, the jeans post that is on my blog now. I’ve been thinking about jeans for the past two months. There are so many different styles.

What bothers you most about Millennial fashion bloggers?

The cheesy model pictures – looking off to the side and down. Bad writing steers me away from a blog. On the other hand, what I think is impressive about younger bloggers is their vulnerability and openness. When I first became interested in reading blogs, it was the younger bloggers whose format and style I liked.

What’s your next fashion must have?

White ankle boots, jeans from Dries Van Noten high-waisted straight leg jean (vintage Levi style from the 20s), dark blue heavier raw denim 

*Jeans pictured below


Is there a person that is a fashion inspiration to you?

I love Giovanna Battaglia’s style—she has a lot of fun with it, but it’s still classic and very current at the same time. She just collaborated with Bergdorf Goodman, had a pop-up shop there, and styled their windows. It was amazing, and I wrote a piece on it in Plumage 59.

What advice would you give to your 23 year old self?
Push yourself to get past the fear and use your fear to guide you. know that if you are a little afraid of something, that it’s probably a good thing. Fear keeps us from being all we can be.

I await my next visit to New York, where I can finally meet Dawn face-to-face for coffee and see New York’s fashion scene through her eyes. She has shown me that fashion has no boundaries because having good style is timeless. By Bridging the Gap, I have already began thinking differently about fashion, blogging, and stereotypes of our respective generations. Dawn exposed me to new designers, reminded me of the importance of quality writing, and brought my attention to how brands cater to different age groups of women. I have already found myself encouraging my mom to look at Plumage59 as an influence when she shops. In fact, I took my mom to a boutique here in San Francisco that caters to all women, regardless the age or size. It was an incredible experience because my mom felt comfortable trying more modern pieces, and they had styles that worked for me!


Dawn: thank you for your candor, encouragement, and incredible wit throughout this campaign. This experience was incredible because I had the perfect partner.