Cozy but Edgy

Although we are mid-way through March, it is still SO cold! It’s been raining non-stop in the Bay Area, and I’ve had a cold all week.  I’m still toting my camel coat to work every day, and have yet to pull out all my warm weather clothes. I find this time of year really difficult to dress for so I wanted to put together a look that will keep you warm on a night out with the girls until warm weather greets us.


For this look, I used some of the pieces from my recent NastyGal haul. I’ve mentioned on my Instagram several times over the past few months to check-out NastyGal’s on-going sale.  They have been offering INSANE discounts, and I’ve been able to find unique pieces at a fraction of the price of other brands… which is always a plus in my world!


The pieces I’m wearing below take your classic winter staples but add a little spice. Many of my friends tell me that they find “dressing-up” during winter to be a challenge, and I have to admit I agree with them. Bundling up doesn’t exactly make me feel confident and comfortable on the dance floor, haha!


Below, I’m wearing NastyGal’s “Don’t Back Out Now Crop Top” sweater with an open tie back. When it warms up a little, I can even pair this top with a black leather mini skirt. This top was only $18 with NastyGal’s sale. The bottoms I’m wearing are Nasty Gal’s “It’s Popping Pinstripe Tear-Away Pants”.  I had been dying to buy a pair of tear-away pants all season, and I really love this style.  They unsnap all the way up the leg, but I typically unsnap only 2 to 4 buttons. These are on sale for $35!


So when you are stuck on how to feel cute on a chilly night out, I recommend finding some fun pants that keep you warm and pairing them with a cozy, cropped sweater.