How I Affordably Wear Designer Jewelry

Hi Guys! Before I tell you all about my new obsession with Switch, a subscription-based designer jewelry company, I want you to know that this is in no way sponsored or a collaboration. This is more of a PSA that you should drop what you are right doing now and check out their website. I selfishly want to keep Switch as my little secret, but I thought I’d be transparent with you all given my blog is called Authentically Allyson, ha!


To provide some context, I am not a huge jewelry person. I really love wearing any type of jewelry, but I tend to be drawn towards statement pieces that I don’t get a lot of use from. I’m not trying to march into work everyday with the same huge chunky necklace. Also, I have been known to misplace (let’s be real – lose) an earring or two in my day. So overall, jewelry and I don’t exactly click.


With that being said, Switch has satisfied all these preconceived problems with their subscription-based model. They allow you to rent amazing designer pieces for a fraction of the price. There are a few different packages that can satisfy whatever you are looking for: Gold, Platinum, Black. I started on the Gold package because $29 to wear one piece of designer jewelry for a month seemed like an incredible deal. You can read more about their other plans here.


For my first box, I picked out vintage gold Hermes earrings because I knew they would be perfect for work or a night out. As a heads up, a lot of the earrings are clip-on because they’re true vintage. I didn’t mind this too much. It reminded me of when I was a little girl and tried on my grandma’s clip-on earrings when she wasn’t looking.


For my recent shoot with the incredibly-talented Anna-Alexia, we added a modern twist to the Hermes earrings by pairing the with maroon fringe earrings from Rockbox (another jewelry subscription service). Shoutout to Anna-Alexia for helping me hook the two earrings together.


Excited to continue adding some designer jewelry to my outfits with Switch. Check it out yourself!