#normcool with Azalea

First off, this post is not sponsored. I’m just a serious fan of San Francisco-based boutique, Azalea. I popped into their store about a month ago on one of my routine walks down Valencia Street and was stoked about the goodies I walked away with (see white marble earrings and grey turtleneck sweater pictured below). Azalea is one of those stores that bleeds “cool” but more on that later. From stellar sunglasses, Comme des Garçons kicks, and hilarious greeting cards, you will find yourself getting lost in every section. Being the fashion addict I am, I am especially impressed by their clothing selection. They have their amazing in-house Azalea collection, along with cult favorites like A.P.C., Alexander Wang, and Citizens of Humanity.

At the core of Azalea’s brand is this idea of “normcool.” I interpret normcool as elevating your every day basics (shirt, jeans, sweater, etc.) to the next level with modern and creative styling. Since starting my fashion blog about 2 years ago, I’ve stood behind this idea of encouraging those around me to elevate every day clothing. Azalea has high-quality staples that can help you curate the perfect wardrobe. It is this branding that attracted me to Azalea’s store the first month I moved to San Francisco and will keep me coming back over time. To see more about their recent #normcool campaign, you can see their community page here.

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