Wining and Dining at Cafe Zoetrope

In the center of SF’s Italian neighboorhood, North Beach, Francis Coppola’s Cafe Zoetrope perches right below the iconic Transamerica Pyramid. The picturesque building resembles something you would stumble upon in Europe, and their food is unbelievably delightful. If you are looking for a well-made, artisan pizza, this is the spot in San Francisco.

I had the privilege of visiting Cafe Zoetrope for the time during a release party for Francis Coppola’s new line of premium spirits. Francis and his wife, Eleanor, created Great Women Spirits to honor female trailblazers that have been overlooked throughout history.

This collection currently features premium vodka, brandy, and gin, and there are plans to create a whole line of spirits named after innovative women in the STEM industry. I, personally, fell in love with the Ada Lovelace gin both for it’s refreshing lemon and rose flavor, and the story behind Ada’s journey as the world’s first computer programmer.

Even though Cafe Zoetrope is a couple of neighborhoods away from me in the Mission District, I’ve already visited again because their cocktails, wines and pizza are absolutely divine. The Family Coppola pours excellence in everything they create, and Cafe Zoetrope is no exception.  Just writing this post has me craving another slice of their margarita pizza. I honestly can’t wait to go back.



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