Winery Guide: Gary Farrell

If you are looking for a luxe winery with a breathtaking view of Sonoma County, look no further than Gary Farrell Winery. I had the incredible opportunity to visit Gary Farrell during a blogger event, and I was absolutely floored by the hospitality and quality of wine.

Gary Farrell Vineyards & Winery has 36 years of history in the Russian River Valley. Known for specializing in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the team at Gary Farrell Winery focuses on producing small batches of wine that are exclusively from the region. This true understanding and appreciation of the region’s climate has led to countless awards and recognition to their winemaker, Theresa Heredia. From my visit, it is clear that this is only the beginning for Gary Farrell Winery as they plan for continuous innovation and experimentation.

After a tour of the grounds, our group was treated to the Inspiration Pinot Noir Tasting. This is the most premium tasting experience and features a  flight of six Pinot Noirs from various neighborhoods on the Russian River Valley and corresponding cheese tastings that help bring out the flavor profiles of each variation. Trust me, this tasting was an unforgettable experience.

Although all six wines were Pinot Noirs, they were all incredibly unique and showed the range of the region and team at Gary Farrell. The team did an incredible job intertwining an educational component about the Gary Farrell’s wines into our tasting. We were shown different soil samples for each glass we tasted and learned how the texture and moisture-level of the ground impacted the final taste of each glass. I walked away from the the tasting feeling so much more informed and confident that Pinot Noir will be a staple for me moving forward.

Thanks to Emily E Martin for coordinating such an incredible event. Photos by Elise Aileen Photography.


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